18years Old
“I want to serve my Nation, I know my nation will take care of my mother.”

Vishnu’s father passed away in a sudden road accident, few years back in 2010. Vishnu is a very sincere child, studying in 12th standard, he is an art’s student. After his school, he works very hard to support his mother. Acknowledging his passion & ambition AF decided to support his studies. Counselled him, so that he can choose the right path, also made him aware of the government schemes that can help him drive benefits and fulfil his career goals.

Vishnu, is determined to join Army and serve the nation. He is working hard on his physical fitness, studies etc. AF asked on practical grounds, “who will take care of your mother, when you will be on duty?” He shared with confidence – “I know my mother will be well taken care off, my nation, my village will take care of her, and I will protect my nation”.

Hemami Gujar

8 Year Old
“There is no doctor in my village. I want to become a Doctor when I grow up, to treat my people.”

For basic medical aid villagers had to travel 20kms towards city, there is no immediate aid, if there is an emergency. Himani, a brave 8-year-old girl, recently lost her father who was suffering from acute asthma. After her father’s death, she had to leave their studies to take care of the house and her younger sister while her mother is out for work to earn bread and butter for the family.

Anushree Foundation supported the family during this difficult time. By providing aid & counselled the family to get on their feet. As a result, Hemani has now resumed her studies, after a special request, she takes her little sister along with her to school. Both the girls have their midday-meals in the school. Himani is now in 3rd standard, and from what her teacher says, she is a very bright student. She loves to read and dance. Her mother is making the ends meet by her hard work. Himani dreams to be a good doctor one day to set up her clinic in her own village.

Payal, Madhu & their 3yrs. Old little sister

“I wish I was a boy not a girl”

“We are 3 sisters, our father doesn’t stay with us, as our mother couldn’t give birth to a boy.”

Payal 15yrs, Madhu 13yrs and Gunjan merely 3yrs. Old have not seen their father living with them since many years. Specially after the birth of their youngest sister. Madhu says “I wish I had a little brother instead of a sister or I wish I was a boy.”

Their grandfather (nanaji) has put in lot of efforts to get a room for them to live. Their mother works in fields and houses so that they can survive. Many a times they both carry their little sister to school so that she can eat midday meals with them. Their father shows up hardly once in two months beats their mother badly and goes away. Payal says “I wish we were boys so that we could have got our father’s love and affection.” AF has been supporting the education of both the girls, and counselling them regularly that gender does not define your calibre.

Prakash verma

“As per society, I am a burden on my family because I’m deaf & dumb with partial blindness since birth. I thought the same until I joined school and found out that I have an intelligent mind.”

Like his name – ‘Prakash’ also shined after joining school. When Anushree Foundation met Prakash & his family, his family had already given up on his situation. They had no plans for his future. Their only aim was to make him independent enough so that he could do his everyday chores by himself. And after that, he was supposed to earn his living through his father’s shop.

Anushree Foundation pursued the family to start Prakash’s education and requested the school principal for his admission. Today, he has completed one year of his schooling. There is a tremendous improvement in Prakash’s expression of thoughts, learning & development. As per his teacher, he’s a super-intelligent boy. The entire family is full of joy and new hope. Now, they sit together and make plans for Prakash’s future.

Meenakshi Meena

17 years old
“I lost my entire family in covid (my father, mother & younger brother). Now, my grandmother and I live alone in our house.”

Meenakshi was studying in 10th standard when she lost her father, mother, and her younger brother in the second wave of covid. This tragic incident changed Meenakshi’s life overnight. she had to leave her studies and work in a grocery store so she could work and support her grandmother’s illness.

Anushree Foundation arranged her training with an accountant who trained Meenakshi and helped her to get a permanent job at the same place. AF further motivated her to pursue her studies as a private student while doing her job. Thankfully, she understood the importance of education and now, she is shining both at work and in her studies.

Ratan Bunkar

14 years old
“One day I will become an IAS officer, I want my mother’s eyes to be full of pride not tears.”

Ratan lives with her mother, unfortunately, she lost her father few years back. Her mother was educated and got her husband’s job in electricity board. Sudden responsibilities, of three girls, taking care of household and managing overall expenditure has shaken her from within. Ratan has been the topper of the class secure Aplus grades in her 8th standard. AF is supporting in Ratan’s flight and strengthening her determination.

AF believes that Ratan is the future of our country and her education should not be affected due to monetary crunch in their family.


“I am just in 2nd std, I score well in my class. Still, I don’t have any friends and everyone makes fun of me because I stammer”.

Kids suffer discrimination not just based on their colour, caste, or gender, but also for a childhood fluency disorder commonly known as stammering. Keerti was no different. Despite being the good student in the class, she was consistently mocked by her classmates. This shattered her confidence, which was reflected in her behaviour as well.

Anushree Foundation counselled the students in Keerti’s school and spoke openly about her problem, creating an environment of humbleness and care. With the consent of Keerti’s parents, some online sessions were organised for Keerti with a professional consultant. Our efforts and Keerti’s unending dedication in the sessions resulted in multifold improvement in her speech fluency, bringing back her lost confidence.


9 Years Old
“I want to study so I can help my mom by earning some money.”

The story of Roohi is a sad one but she is a fighter and never gives up. Her father met with an accident a few years back and is bedridden. Her mother does household work in nearby houses to earn money but whatever she earns, most of it is spent on the medicines that her father needs. Anushree Foundation not only encouraged Roohi’s mother to let her study further, but also supported her education. Roohi is now in 4th standard. She has big dreams to earn well, top her school to get scholarship and be the reason for her parents happiness.