Misri Devi

Misri Devi was married off at a tender age of 15. Tragically, she lost both of her parents at a very young age. In 2020, she faced another heartbreak when her husband passed away due to COVID-19. Left to fend for herself and her two daughters—one in school and the other in college—both girls felt compelled to discontinue their studies amid the crisis.

Upon learning of their situation, AF intervened. They helped Misri Devi understand that discontinuing the girls’ education would only compound their difficulties in the long run. AF not only assisted with the re-enrollment of the daughters but also encouraged Misri to find employment. With their support, she spoke to the Surpanch, and soon after, with a provided sewing machine and some online assistance, Misri Devi began sewing and altering clothes for villagers from her home. Today, she stands as a symbol of resilience and hope.

Additionally, AF has plans to enroll her younger daughter in online English-speaking courses. This is especially fitting as she has taken to teaching younger children in the evenings after her school, contributing to their family’s livelihood.

Sheela Devi

At 64 years old, Sheela Devi is a mother to two well-established sons.

Despite her seemingly stable family background, life dealt her a heavy blow. Just after the passing of her husband when she was 53, she was heartlessly evicted from her own home. Undeterred, Sheela found the strength to stand up for herself. She earned her livelihood by working in households and caring for bedridden patients. However, she faced another setback when her vision began to fail her. Upon consulting a doctor, she was diagnosed with cataracts. The doctor assured her that a simple operation would rectify her vision, but the disheartened Sheela lacked the funds for the procedure. Moreover, her deteriorating eyesight became a barrier in her line of work.

Recognizing her predicament, AF stepped in to breathe hope into this resilient woman’s life. They sponsored Sheela Devi’s cataract surgery, and in a matter of weeks, she regained her vision and her life began to look up. Now, with renewed optimism, Sheela Devi is contemplating a move to the city to work in a hospital.

Janki Devi

Janki Devi’s situation was a severe case of cataract complications. Due to advanced diabetes, she lost complete vision in her right eye. By the time she sought medical help, her cataract had matured, further delaying crucial treatment. During a routine eye checkup in her village, AF identified the onset of cataract in her left eye. Determined to prevent further loss of sight, AF swiftly connected her to a specialist and covered the expenses for her surgery. Thanks to their timely intervention, Janki Devi regained partial vision and could resume her household duties using her left eye. Grateful for this second chance, she consistently expresses her deep gratitude to AF, thanking the heavens for preventing her from becoming completely blind.

Teja Devi

Teja Devi’s spirit was crushed and she lost her will to live after the tragic loss of her husband just three months prior. He met with an untimely demise in an accident involving an electric pole. At a tender age of 26, she faced an uncertain and daunting future. Recognizing her despair, AF stepped in, offering Teja Devi counseling and guidance. They encouraged her to focus on a fresh start, emphasizing personal growth and progress. They reminded her that while choosing happiness can sometimes be challenging, it is a choice that can pave the way for a brighter future. Through consistent and professional counseling sessions, Teja gradually began to look ahead rather than dwell on her past. She has since taken up a role at her village’s Anganwadi and eagerly anticipates taking on more responsibilities within her community.

Revati Devi

Revati Devi is not just any grandmother; at 57, her zest for learning and leadership shines bright. As the matriarch of her family, she oversees the well-being of her two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren. With both her sons working in Delhi, she’s not just responsible for day-to-day decisions but also for managing everything from household finances to medical emergencies. Despite being well-off financially, the challenges of daily management never cease. Her innate leadership qualities and eagerness to continuously learn caught the attention of AF, especially when she approached them with a desire to further her knowledge in mathematics and accounting. Her already sharp calculation skills stood out, but her will to enhance them was truly admirable.

Recognizing her drive, AF liaised with the local government school principal to initiate afternoon short courses in mathematics and accounting. These courses were designed to equip village women with skills that would not only improve household management but also enable them to start home-based businesses. With the principal’s condition of gathering a group of 10 to 15 women for the course, AF collaborated with subject teachers to curate an effective curriculum tailored to the needs of the village women.

The initiative was a resounding success. Fifteen women participated, benefiting from the daily one-hour post-lunch session. Not only did the village women find enlightenment and empowerment through the course, but the principal also found great satisfaction in the program’s impact. Additionally, the teachers earned a supplemental income, all thanks to the support and vision of AF.


“Can a school ‘baiji’ receive a promotion? I want my work to reflect growth and progression.”

For many years, Geeta Baiji has been a cornerstone of support at the government school, adeptly caring for young children who find it hard to part from the comforting grip of their mother’s saree. But Geeta harbored aspirations beyond her current role. With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for personal growth, she often expressed her desire to read, write, and excel in her profession. Her plea was simple yet profound: “I want a promotion. I perform my duties with utmost dedication and know that I’m capable of learning and achieving more.”

Moved by her determination, AF brought Geeta’s aspirations to the attention of the school principal, suggesting the inclusion of daily educational sessions for school maids. This intervention bore fruit, as these maids soon transitioned from using thumbprints to actual signatures for official documentation. Geeta’s drive didn’t stop there. She reached out to a school teacher for additional evening lessons.

Today, Geeta Baiji not only leads the team of maids but also has responsibilities in managing the school’s administrative tasks. Her journey is a testament to what passion, perseverance, and the right support can achieve.


Kanupriya’s academic aspirations were curtailed when she was pressured to leave college to focus on planning for her second child. However, after engaging with AF, a glimmer of hope emerged for her. Eager to resume her education, Kanupriya sought AF’s assistance in persuading her husband and in-laws to allow her to continue her studies.

Through tactful persuasion and presenting flexible and convenient options for Kanupriya to pursue her studies from home while caring for her newborn, AF managed to shift the perspective of her family. Today, not only is Kanupriya on her path to academic success, but her mother-in-law has also become a pillar of support, expressing her hope that once the child is older, she will encourage Kanupriya to seek employment and achieve financial independence.