“As per society, I’m a burden on my family because I’m deaf & dumb with partial blindness since birth. I thought the same until I joined the school and found out that I have an intelligent mind.”

Like his name, ‘Deepak’ also shined after joining the school. When Anushree Foundation met Deepak & his family, they had given up on Deepak’s situation. There were no plans for him or his future. Their only aim was to make him independent enough so he could do his everyday chores by himself. And after that, he was supposed to sit with his father in his shop.

Anushree Foundation pursued the family to start Deepak’s education and also requested the school principal for his admission. Today, Deepak has completed one year of his schooling. There is a tremendous improvement in Deepak’s expression of thoughts, learning & development. As per his teacher, he’s a super-intelligent boy. The entire family is full of joy and hope. Now, they sit together and make plans for Deepak’s future.