“There’s no doctor in my village. I want to become one and treat my people.”

People of Baldi (Haryana) have to travel 20 km even for necessities like medical aid. Himani, a brave 7-year-old girl, recently lost her father who was suffering from acute asthma. After her father’s death, she and her two sisters had to leave their studies to help her mother in house chores. They didn’t have much of a choice as their mother was now busy earning bread and butter for the family.

Anushree Foundation supported the family during this difficult time. We provided continuous counselling to the family and helped them get on their feet. As a result, all the girls now have resumed their studies. Himani is now in 2nd standard, and from what her teacher says, she’s a very bright student. She loves to read and dance. Her mother is also comfortably making the ends meet. Himani dreams to be a good doctor one day to help her fellow villagers.