“I score the highest marks in my class. Still, I don’t have any friends and everyone makes fun of me because I stammer.”

Kids suffer discrimination not just based on their colour, caste, or gender, but also for a childhood fluency disorder commonly known as stammering. Keerti was no different. Despite being the brightest student in the class, she was consistently mocked by her classmates. This shattered her confidence, which was reflected in her class performance as well.

Anushree Foundation counselled the students in Keerti’s class and spoke openly about her problem, creating an environment of humbleness and care. With the consent of Keerti’s parents, some online sessions were organised for Keerti with a professional medical consultant. Our efforts and Keerti’s unending dedication in the sessions resulted in multifold improvement in her speech fluency, bringing back her lost confidence. She has made many friends in school and is living a happy life.